• Philospohy

  • Vision

    Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
  • Mission

    To provide leadership and inspiration for learning and human development in communities.
  • Values

    We, the faculty and staff of the Saraswati School of Education, commit to Leadership , Excellence , Social and Ethical Responsibility , DIversity , Communication and Collaboration.

Late Sh Kanti Lal Saini

A visionary , great academician , gifted orator , inspirer,disciplinaries , voracious reader and a born leader with a charismatic persona whose vision guide us we build the future of the country by educating the generation to come.

His great love for teaching and for mankind has inspired us to follow his footsteps and contribute towards making world a better place . He will forever live on as a warm glow in our hearts and his vision will be the path upon which we travel.

Late Sh Kailash Chand Sharma

The noble soul whose life was an embodiment of ethical values and heavenly virtues with dazzling simplicity of a pure crystal pearl.

Your legacy of high principles , hard work , integrity and generousity is our most precious treasure. Your path of righteousness is a beacon of light which guides us from strength to strength and steers us in all our endeavours.

Mr. Vishal Lal Saini

We aiming towards the character-building and academic excellence with the same spirit, attitude and approach. We constantly endeavour to provide our students with a learning environment in which they have as many opportunities as possible in which to excel and also distinguish themselves in academics and a range of co-curricular activities. While our programme are impressive, the school's greatest strength is the people. School faculty is passionate about their discipline, teaching, and mentoring students and their passion is effective.

Academic excellence along with Co-curricular and extra co-curricular activities completes the process of education. And it gives me great satisfaction that the school is progressing in all its endeavors towards the overall development and personality of the students.

We achieved the high standards in academics and we are proud of it and are thankful to Maa Saraswati. We are aiming at much more to achieve- Overall Development. We realise India's future is being moulded in India's classrooms so we are trying to create excellence in our classroom.

we impart education that is based on conscience and we frame a breed of young minds that are bustling with self confidence, motivation and ever ready to take up challenges.

The campus, sports and academic facilities all bear testimony to this effort. In order to promote an internationally acceptable education, our key focus has been on faculty development – providing continuous teacher training in order to deliver real value education and excellence in academics. Teachers are trained not only to teach well but are also expected to inspire confidence and trust in their students and become role models. Further, the School inculcates in the students a respect for tradition and ensures discipline and good manners.

“May the sapling grow into a sturdy tree and spread its branches"

Mr. Mukesh Sharma

Saraswati Senior Secondary School's long history is intrinsically linked with the development of its mission: "Imparting Value-based education that helps create independent, free thinking individuals who will combine service with excellence". The 25th Anniversary marks an important milestone in the development of Saraswati Senior Secondary School. It is truly a memorable occasion for our students, teaching and non-teaching personnel, alumni and friends. In my capacity as Secretary General, it is my great pleasure to be part of these joyous celebrations.

I am delighted to welcome you to Saraswati Senior Secondary School and would like you to join us on our journey to educational excellence. At Saraswati Senior Secondary School we place the progress and wellbeing of our students at the centre of everything we undertake.

Through the past 25 years, Saraswati Senior Secondary School has nurtured the talents to suit the changing education system. Along the way, Saraswati Senior Secondary School has built up an enviable reputation as a hub for transfer of knowledge, a pioneer in innovation and technological research and an exemplary provider of valuable services in the community. It evolved to become a Senior Secondary School for boys and girls separately.

Over the years, Saraswati Senior Secondary School has maintained a strong academic ethos combined with an excellent pastoral system that forms the key to the success of our students. The teaching and non-teaching personnel here are committed to providing excellent services both in and beyond the classroom. The Manager and the Principal are totally committed for achieving this and will pursue the highest possible aspirations for the pupils. We aim to grow creative, ambitious and caring young minds that will make unique contributions to the future. With our concerted efforts, I am confident that Saraswati Senior Secondary School will continue to rise to the challenges ahead and nurture talents for the globalized and knowledge based education of the 21st century.

We feel pride on achieving this memorable milestone.

Mr. Sheoraj Singh YADAV

Very few have fully realized the wealth of sympathy, kindness & generosity hidden in the soul of a child. The effort every educator should be to unlock that treasure and Saraswati School is an excellent example where everyone strives indefatigably for this. This School has been nurturing young minds of the town for the last 25 year with the belief that “the heart of education is the education of the heart.”

While academic excellence is our major thrust, the school is also devoted to prepare the students for life, groom them to face the challenges of tomorrow, and encourage them to be socially relevant. We constantly endeavour to always live up to this ideology and inculcate this into everything we do. With the aim that we will be able to ensure that the children grow to their full potential, while constantly being groomed to pass out as men and women competent to bear responsibility in all walks of life.

The journey that is laced beautifully with triumphs would not have been possible without you. I thank you parents in all humility for your generosity in time talents and resources. Thank you for constantly supporting us in every step we take and reposing your confidence in us. I speak for the entire team of Saraswati School in saying we would not accomplish what we do without your help. I deeply cherish the revered bond we have formed with you over the years. Thank you for entrusting us with the future of your children for entrusting us to mould and sculpt their minds, enrich their souls and ignite the spark of lifelong learning in them. We also dedicate this coveted honor to all our students for displaying exceptional hard work in the pursuit of excellence by achieving honors and distinctions in not only academics but also in allied arenas of Arts, Creativity, Sports and Debate. Their dedication and respect makes me proud.

I take this opportunity to acknowledge the extreme hard work of our dedicated staff and faculty by working round the clock to keep your School at the zenith of success.

It is rightly said that “A dream becomes a goal when action is taken towards its achievement” and we are committed in taking constructive and purposeful actions to produce optimistic independent, compassionate, life-long learners and leaders who will bring glory to the school, state and the nation.

We are pleased to present the students the great souvenir 'VEENA' on completing 25 year of this respected institution. Enjoy every moment you here because in life there are not rewinds, only flashbacks, of the inception of the school, its history and the event of the achievements during the session 2015-17.

We have for you from the students a wide range of the poetry, riddles, paintings & some important inspirational articles.

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