Prof. (Dr.) R.C. Kuhad V C, Central University of Haryana Distt. - Mahendergarh

This school has been pivotal in awakening the people of this remote area by producing the bulk of talented and ignited minds best suited to the prestigious institutions like IITs, IIMS, AIIMS and other covetous organisations.

School has contributed in enabling its students to achieve the zenith of their career in various fields including Medical, Engineering, Teaching, Civil Service, Defence Service and Information Technology.

With its commitment to excellence in education and value education as its foundational attribute, I am delighted to learn that the School nourishes and cherishes the treasure of potential alumni who have been pursuing illustrious professional career in various fields. I am impressed with the eventful and productive journey that the school has traversed so far.

Dr. Garima Mittal IAS, Deputy Commissioner & District Magistrate ,Mahendragarh at Narnaul

Nurturing creativity and inspiring innovation are two of the key elements of a successful education, and a Saraswati Senior Secondary School, Nasibpur, Narnaul is the perfect amalgamation of both. This school helps the curricular and extra-curricular expeditions and offers an opportunity to the students to showcase their talent and explore their creative potential.

I convey my sincere felicitation to the school for its efforts in shaping the young minds and developing them to blossom as a responsible citizen.

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