• Montessori

    In the Pre-Primary classes, stress is laid on activity based learning to ensure holistic development including learning of basic skills. These skills encompass the domains of social, physical, intellectual and spiritual growth.

    The Pre-Primary programme is divided into three stages viz, Seedling, Sapling and Blooming which correspond to Nursery, LKG and UKG grades. Students in the 3 - 5 age group form part of the Pre-Primary programme.

  • Class 1- V

    Students belonging to the 6 - 10 age group form part of this stage.

    Stress at this stage is laid on developing Language, Mathematical and Environmental Awareness.

    At this stage too, in addition to classroom teaching in the above spheres of studies, equal importance is attached to the participation of students in co-curricular activities to ensure holistic development. Life skills education at this stage further helps them become self reliant.

  • Class VI-X

    Our aim is to provide a broad based curriculum to foster the skills such as communication, problem solving etc.

    The curriculum facilitates detailed study of the Key subjects; English, Hindi, Science and Social Studies that also reflects a complete blend of education with the cultural and technological diversities of our nation.

    We emphasize on experiential learning through projects, visits and e-learning through smart class.

    The School strictly follows the CBSE guidelines and so the stress is laid on an all round development of each and every child through activities, Group discussions etc.

  • Class XI-XII

    CBSE curriculum is incorporated at this stage to prepare students for competing in Board Exams of classes XII and All India level competitive exams at a later stage. The curriculum takes a definite orientation from Class IX onwards for preparing students for a much-awaited competition ahead.

  • Coaching Facilities

    The institute is consistently doing efforts to improve the existing best to achieve academic excellence. In order to boost up the morale of students in preparing themselves for various medical & engineering competitive examinations, the arrangements have been made to start separate classes in the name of ‘Super Section’ for such students.

    Only a limited number of students who have an aptitude for medical & engineering competitions are admitted in these classes. The mode of admissions in Super Sections in 10th & 12th classes will be through a test conducted by the institute.

    Teachers having long experience of teaching competitive classes have been appointed for this purpose who will guide the students on the same pattern as required for these competitions. The arrangements of fortnightly tests have also been made to assess their performance. Moreover, in order to give them individual attention one extra class of one & half hour duration is being held after school hours to meet the requirement of students in solving their problems in the related subjects.

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